Pakistani Bride’s Bridal Shower Party Favors

Pakistani Bride’s Bridal showers are generally hosted by the bridesmaids and family members such as female cousins and sisters; it is a pre wedding celebration where guests give the bride gifts and blessings. Pakistani Bride’s Bridal Shower has really taken on a trend in with the Pakistan Brides and I can see why, it is an all women party where you can play games,  enjoy a video montage, dance, have delicious food,  take a million pictures and open gifts surrounded by the bride’s loved ones.

It’s every brides dream to have a day to celebrate her with family and friends, this is the time to pamper her and show her affection. Since the party is hosted my bridesmaid and maid of honor, the best way the bride can return the favor is by getting bridal shower party favors for her special ladies. This is just a way of showing appreciation to the bridesmaids for putting in the hard work with the bridal shower arrangements.

Here are some pretty bridal shower party favors from Pakistani Brides:

Roller ball Perfume:

A beautiful perfume is an excellent gift. The scent should not be too strong or off putting, I would suggest dividing the scents into floral for your younger guests and a mature scent for your older women. You can put them in fabric pouches with a handwritten sweet note inside. This sentimental gift shows a big thank you for all the wedding shower organizers in the room.


Desi Gotta jewelry for the bridesmaids would be ideal since they can use it for the next wedding ceremony; you could get something as simple as antique stone earrings that are easily available at dolmen mall in Karachi. For the older women, you could get delicate necklace since it would suit them the best.  You can never go wrong with this gift

Wooden Jewelry boxes:

If not jewelry then jewelry boxes are an amazing gift any Pakistani girl. These wooden boxes are handmade and can be found almost anywhere in Karachi. Add a thank you note inside so that when they go to use it, they will be reminded of the bridal shower party.

Embroidered bags:

Who doesn’t love an embroidered bag or pouch, it’s handy and colorful. It can be used in so many ways and it’s a great Bridal shower gift as well as a party favor. You can get them in bulk from Zainab Market with different designs and patterns.

Astrological Candles:

This gift goes well with the bridal shower decorations and bridal shower themes, an astrological candle depending on your guest’s birthday, give a fire, earth, air, or water-inspired candle that will sync up with their astrological signs. It’s a unique idea that will stay with your guests for a long time.

Beauty Products:

You cannot go wrong with skincare products, stock up on scrub gloves or some cute sheet masks. You can even go out and get mini samples and make small skincare makeup baskets for your ladies. Rejuvenating beauty products for your older women and a fun pamper night products for your lucky bridesmaids. This is a gift all your guests will appreciate and talk about other than your Pakistani Bride’s Bridal Shower decorations.

 I would recommend getting a beauty basket for your Wedding Planner/ Bridal Shower Planner one too. It’s a sweet gesture for someone who has been running around getting you the best bridal shower dresses and best vendors.

Cashmere scarfs:

Pakistani women do love a good fabric. Your bridesmaids and guests will absolutely love this gift and every time they wear it, it will remind them of your thoughtful gesture. Not only will they talk about your bridal shower decoration or Pakistani Bride’s Bridal Shower supplies but also your fabulous party gift.

Light Up Phone Case:

We Pakistani girls love an extra moment and we are about to take a million selfies at your wedding so a phone case slash LED light ensures your guests always have the best lighting. It was even developed by a professional photographer, so you know it’s the real deal. I can’t imagine a better party favor for a bridal shower party.

Spa/Parlor Gift Card:

If you have a short guest list, a fun party favor would be a spa or parlor gift cards. The amount can be your choice, spa and parlor trips are loved by all women. You can get yourself one as well and join your bridesmaids and make it a fun day. One of the many bridal shower activities you will be doing the week before your wedding.


Zipper Pouch:

A beautiful zipper pouch is a clever gift for bridesmaids; they can fill it up with wedding essentials like her lipstick, jewelry, and her phone. This gift will not only come handy on the wedding occasions but also later on, you can have it monogramed with their initials.


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