Stress-Free Pakistani Wedding Tips & Tricks

Stress-Free Pakistani Wedding Tips & Tricks? Seems a dream right?

Undoubtedly, Pakistanis Weddings are hectic and stressful at it is, especially for the bride and groom. There are several events and many complications. You can’t dive in blindly and expect to come out successfully. From booking the proper venue to finding the perfect wedding dress, everything is a lot more difficult in a Pakistani Wedding. However there are few things you have to look out for before your big day.

Here are few tips and tricks for stresses free Pakistani Wedding:

Checklist is your best friend:

Checklist is your best friend

Pakistani Wedding Tips & Tricks are always relied over when you will be a lot more organized and at peace when you have every little detail on a checklist. The feeling you get like you are forgetting something?  The chances are you “actually are” forgetting something. So be smarter than the lot and make a detailed checklist. If you are confused where to start, there are several templates available online. You can even ask your event planner to provide you with one, which will definitely be a lot more aiding. Wedding Planners do organize everything but it is wise to be prepared. Always have every little detail in front of you so when the big day arrives, you are stress free.

Decide the Budget:

Decide the Budget

The Wedding planning ideas in Pakistan goes on for months and months, but the very first thing you should do is decide on your budget. If your parents are paying for it, you would want to have an open discussion on what you will spend on different wedding events. The amount does not stay constant but it gives an idea what you are working with. Also, it’s a great way of not exceeding your limit. Do discuss this with your Wedding Planner. If they are the best wedding planner in Pakistan, they should be able to manage your budget well and get you amazing deals on wedding decoration and wedding caterers in Karachi.

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Finalize your guest list:

Finalize your guest list

The final guest list should be made early on, do not think you can just eye ball the amount of guests you want to invite. This is a huge mistake most people make, and when the time comes to order cards and caterers, there’s a huge gap. Wedding planners can control this situation quite quickly with their strategic relationships with the vendors but this is a mistake that will fuel to your ongoing stress. Pakistani brides will also face this issue when they plan their Bridal Shower supplies run short because they dint make a proper guest list.

Set a Mood Board:

Set a Mood Board

A mood or dream board is a great way keeping you joyful for your goal, the bits of your weddings are on display, and therefore the bride can enjoy the planning process and be more balanced. The dream board can also provide inspiration for what you want your wedding theme to be. The wedding decorations, wedding dresses, wedding hall, wedding marquee, the wedding ceremony ideas, everything should be on it, so that you can choose and select from what you have been always dreaming about. We the wedding planners have our own dream board set up for every wedding and totally recommend you to make your own. This way, your ideas are not neglected but up on display for family to see and acknowledge.

The Bride Diet:

The Bride Diet

One of the best Pakistani Wedding Tips & Tricks is to look after the diet especially of the bride one. The bride diet is recommended to not only take down your waist a little but also to keep you healthy during an exciting but stressful time in your life. The diet doesn’t have to be extreme since it’s not good for your body and probably won’t be able to maintain it. The key tips are:

  • Do not go for ready microwavable meals.
  • Do not have processed foods (meats).
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet, sugar from fruits are acceptable.
  • Give up refined and starchy carbohydrates like white bread or white rice.
  • Drink plenty of water.

This diet will definitely help you stay fresh and healthy until your wedding. On your wedding day, you obviously want to enjoy the food you ordered from the wedding caterers in Karachi.

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Dress fitting:

Dress fitting

It is a nightmare to pay thousands for a Pakistani wedding dress that does not fit properly, usually, the bride is so caught up with other details, and she doesn’t pay attention to the most important element of a Pakistani Wedding. It’s not wise to have the dress checked merely 24 hrs before the big day, make sure you and your groom are done with the fittings a week before. This way you can eliminate the unnecessary stress.

Wedding Venue:

Wedding Venue

I would ask every bride to go out and select her own wedding marquee or wedding hall; do no leave it up to your family members. The aesthetic and the vibe should be pleasing to you, if you are not happy with the wedding decorations and floral arrangements, change it. In Pakistan, most of the brides don’t take part in selecting the wedding venue, this is a huge mistake. As a bride you should take every element into your planning, so that you save yourself from a horrible panic attack on the wedding day.

Communicate with your Wedding Planner:

Communicate with your Wedding Planner

You probably browsed online for the best wedding planner website, you asked your friends for the most reliable event planner in your city, you did all the research, went through all the reviews and then you hired your planner. But then you don’t communicate your fears and stress with them. That is the one of the biggest mistakes clients make, do not keep it to yourself, do communicate with your wedding planner and they might help find a solution.

From noisy aunties to loud children, your wedding planner should know everything you are concerned about.

Make the right choice with The Event Planet

Make the right choice with The Event Planet

Let’s just accept that Pakistani Weddings are complex and hectic, therefore you need someone to get you bringing you the best vendors (wedding caterers decorations themes photographer floral arrangements and venues). The Event Planet beingis one of the best wedding event planners in Karachi will shoulder all your stress and burdens and make your wedding day memorable.

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